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Say goodbye to agency fees! And hello to booking bands direct!

Bye bye, middle man.
Hello, Band Scanner!

Book direct and pay less to hire America's best wedding bands, party bands, and event bands.

The same band.
The Band Scanner Difference.

Band Scanner is changing the game – connecting you directly to top-tier bands, ensuring you don't just save, but you take your event's entertainment to new heights.

The band you love.
Without the agency shove.

Book the band you love, not the band paying the agent the biggest fee.
Band Scanner lets you bypass commission-driven agendas, giving you the freedom to choose the band you love, not what an agency pushes.

Cut commission costs.
Not entertainment corners.

Cut agency costs.
Not entertainment corners.
Save up to 30% by avoiding middleman markups, meaning more money for the music and moments that truly matter to you.

Direct communication.
Transparent booking.

Direct and transparent live band booking platform.
Band Scanner connects you with your band directly. Book and tailor your entertainment, free from intermediaries.

Hire the best wedding bands direct in America.

Say "I do" to directly booking your dream wedding band in 2024.

Step into your new life together with a soundtrack that mirrors your love. Whether it's the classic elegance of a string quartet in Napa Valley or the vibrant energy of a live cover band in Nashville, create an enchanting wedding atmosphere that guests will reminisce about for years to come.

Make your party pop with bands that rock.

Transform birthdays, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, or any special occasion into an epic celebration. Discover the perfect match for your party's theme, from a funk band grooving in New Orleans to a high-energy indie rock band in Las Vegas. Let the music elevate your party beyond the ordinary.
Book party bands direct for birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, or any special occasion in the USA.
Book live bands for corporate events direct for less.

Strike the right chord at corporate functions with live bands that mean business.

Make your corporate event stand out from the crowd with perfectly suited live entertainment. Band Scanner allows you to directly book live bands that enhance your brand’s image, from sleek jazz ensembles in Boston to contemporary pop bands in Los Angeles, adding a touch of sophistication to any corporate setting.

Cover bands that unleash nostalgia in every note? We've got you covered.

Ready for a world where each chord brings a memory to life? Our cover bands masterfully blend timeless hits with modern favorites, setting the perfect tone for any event. From pulsating '80s beats at a Miami rooftop party to soulful '90s ballads at a Malibu beach wedding, we've got the soundtrack for every moment.
Hire the best cover bands for weddings, parties and events.
Book live bands by genre direct from rock to pop, jazz to funk, swing to country - we have the band for you.

Musicians, DJs and solo acts that stir the soul? Discover your muse.

Find musicians, DJs, and solo acts perfect for any event. Want a pianist for a cozy vibe, a DJ to get everyone dancing, or musicians to set the mood, we've got you covered. Plus, with Band Scanner you have the option to combine talents, crafting a custom band tailored to you.
From Rock to Pop, Swing to Country, Mariachi to Jazz. Discover and book live bands by the genre you love.

Explore live bands by genre.
Your event. Your music. Your way.

Find your sound with Band Scanner, from country to rock, soul to jazz, pop to Latin. Tailor your event's atmosphere with the music you love and get set for a celebration that hits all the right notes. With Band Scanner, it's always your event, your music, your way.

Live band trends, inspo and ideas

Explore the latest trends and uncover fresh ideas for your live band with Band Scanner. From wedding band inspiration to trending themes for a seasonal celebration, find the perfect musical touch to make your event a standout.

Organ grinders only.
No monkeys.

In the world of live music, there's nothing quite like the direct connection between a band and its audience. That essence of raw connection is what we capture at Band Scanner.
Traditionally, when you book a band via an agency, there's an unseen, often hefty, commission on top of the band's fee. It's the price you pay for the "convenience" of a middle man, someone to bridge the gap between you and the music. But do you truly need that bridge?

At Band Scanner, we challenge this norm. Why pay more to a suit in an office when you can pay just for the music? Why let intermediaries cloud the process when the band is right there, waiting to strike the right chord for your event?

No more deciphering through layers of agency talk. No more hidden fees or unexpected hitches. At Band Scanner, we lay it all bare. You speak to the band. You understand their vibe, discuss your needs, and settle on terms that work for both.

This isn't just about saving money, though that's a definite perk. It's about building a genuine connection, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance.

Band Scanner is on a mission to create a world where live music is accessible, affordable, and purely about the art. By cutting out the middleman, we're not just ensuring cost savings; we're ensuring an experience that's raw, real, and personal.

Join the Band Scanner revolution. Jam with our network of dazzling bands direct, each waiting to raise the roof at your wedding, party or event. With us, it's always organ grinders, pure music, and absolutely no monkeys.

No static. Just transparent answers to FAQs.

Get straightforward, transparent answers to all your questions about booking the perfect live band with Band Scanner. Simple, clear, and direct – just the way it should be.
  • Q. What makes direct booking through Band Scanner different?
  • A. With Band Scanner, you bypass agency markups and hidden fees. You connect directly with bands, ensuring a more personalized and cost-effective booking experience.

    Find out more in Band Scanner's guide to booking bands direct.
  • Q. How does Band Scanner handle payments and contracts?
  • A. Transactions and agreements are handled directly between you and the band, with Band Scanner facilitating a secure and transparent process. This direct approach ensures clarity and trust in all dealings.

    Read Band Scanner's contracts and payments guide when booking a band direct.
  • Q. What is the process of booking a live band on Band Scanner?
  • A. Booking is straightforward: browse our selection, pick your favorite live band, and contact them directly through our platform. You discuss, negotiate, and confirm all details directly, ensuring a personalized booking experience.

    Read Band Scanner's step-by-step guide to our process of booking bands direct.
  • Q. Can I communicate directly with the band before booking?
  • A. Absolutely! Direct communication is a cornerstone of Band Scanner. You can discuss your event's specifics and preferences directly with the band for a perfectly tailored performance.
  • Q. How much can I save when booking a band with Band Scanner?
  • A. By booking directly, you typically save 15%-30% compared to traditional agency bookings, allowing you to allocate more budget to other aspects of your event.

    Direct booking also allows for flexible pricing and negotiation, helping you find great entertainment within your budget.

    Read Band Scanner's price comparison when booking direct vs. booking with an agency.
  • Q. Are there any hidden fees when booking through Band Scanner?
  • A. No, Band Scanner prides itself on transparency. There are no hidden fees; what you see is what you get, ensuring a straightforward and honest booking process.

Book the USA's best live bands for less with Band Scanner!

Effortlessly find the perfect band for your wedding, party, or corporate event across America, from New York’s vibrancy to California's cool. Band Scanner offers direct, budget-friendly access to top bands while eliminating middleman fees.