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Direct Band Booking Process Made Easy with Band Scanner's Step-by-Step Guide

Booking a live band for your event just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Band Scanner. We are changing the game, offering a direct and transparent way to secure top-tier entertainment without the usual hassle and hidden fees.

Straightforward and Direct. The Band Scanner Way.

Band Scanner is transforming the live band booking process. It's direct, clear, and designed with your needs in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or organizing your first big event, Band Scanner makes securing the perfect live band straightforward and stress-free.

What is the process of booking a live band on Band Scanner?

  • 1. Find the Band you Love

    Begin by browsing through Band Scanner’s diverse range of live bands. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party, you’ll find bands across all genres, ready to set the right tone for your occasion.
  • 2. Contact Bands Directly

    Once you’ve spotted a band that catches your eye, use Band Scanner to get in touch with them directly. This means no middlemen or confusing agency jargon – just you and the band discussing your event.
  • 3. Tailor Your Experience

    This is where you get into the specifics. Talk about the band’s lineup, the setlist, and the schedule for your event. This direct dialogue ensures that what you’re planning aligns perfectly with what the band delivers.
  • 4. Negotiate and Agree

    You negotiate the terms and fees directly with the band. This transparent approach not only cuts costs by avoiding agency fees but also gives you the freedom to work out a deal that suits both parties.
  • 5. Seal the Deal with a Contract

    Draft a contract that covers all the details discussed. Band Scanner's guide to contracts and payments when booking a band direct can help you through this process, ensuring that both you and the band are on the same page and the agreement is clear and comprehensive.
  • 6. Secure the Booking with a Deposit

    Most bands require a deposit to confirm the booking. With Band Scanner, you can arrange this directly with the band, using secure payment methods you both agree on.
  • 7. Finalize Payments as Agreed

    Decide when the final payment will be made, whether it’s weeks before the event or on the day.
  • 8. Countdown to the Performance of a Lifetime

    With all the details settled and the band booked, you can now look forward to an incredible performance by the band you love, tailored to you and free from extra charges.

Why Band Scanner?

The beauty of Band Scanner lies in its simplicity and transparency. You’re in the driver’s seat, communicating directly with bands, and crafting an entertainment experience that’s truly yours. Plus, with savings up to 30% by skipping agency fees, your budget goes further.
Direct Band Booking Process Made Easy with Band Scanner's Step-by-Step Guide