Band Scanner - Bye, bye middleman. Hello direct band bookings.
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Unplug the Agent Fees.
Amplify Direct Bookings.

Band Scanner connects your band directly with brides, grooms, event planners, and party organizers. No middleman, just gigs. Save clients on fees, score bigger lineups and extended sets. Join us, where your band isn’t just an act, it’s the main event.

We make the introductions, and then it’s your stage, your performance.

Bye bye, middle man. Hello, Band Scanner - a booking platform where wedding, party, and corporate event bands sync directly with clients looking to be entertained.
We're stripping away the layers that separate you from your audience. No gatekeepers, no hefty commissions - just you and music aficionados eager to be part of your next performance. We champion direct engagement, believing that the best agreements are struck with a handshake, not a middleman.

Direct bookings based on your band's appeal, not an agent's profit margins.

Booking gigs shouldn't mean getting entangled in the strings of agencies, where your sound gets muffled by the noise of commissions and third-party narratives.

Band Scanner changes the score.

Here, you plug directly into a network of event planners and party organisers, brides and grooms, corporate clients and music lovers, without the static of an intermediary.

Band Scanner is about amplifying your presence, ensuring your band doesn’t fade into the background noise of endless listings or compromised by commission-driven agendas. Here, you're not just another act — you're the headliner, where your rhythm meets your audience directly, striking a chord that's authentically, unmistakably yours.

With Band Scanner, what you see is what you get - and what you earn is all yours. Our harmonious approach means you keep more of your earnings while clients save on unnecessary fees. It’s a duet of value that resonates well with bands and clients alike, allowing for a wider range of budgets and events that are music to everyone’s ears.

Your next gig awaits!

Band Scanner invites you to step into the limelight, where the music industry's shift toward transparency and directness is now a reality. It's a stage where your band is the star, where every riff and solo can be the soundtrack to someone's most cherished moments.

Join the Band Scanner platform today, and let’s compose the future of live event music together - where the rhythm is always right, and the next gig is just a heartbeat away.

Join Band Scanner!

Embrace the Band Scanner rhythm and find your beat with direct connections to a symphony of clients. No middle man, no static, just music.