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Your shortcut to the best bands in America.

Dive into Band Scanner's easy-to-use search platform and instantly connect with top bands across the USA. Whether it’s the a wedding, party, or the a corporate event, find your perfect musical match by event type, genre, or state.

Your band. Your way.

Planning a wedding, throwing a party, or organizing a corporate gala? Choose bands that specialize in your event type for a flawless musical backdrop. Let the romantic strings serenade a wedding, dynamic beats electrify a party, or sophisticated tunes enhance your corporate function.

Your music. Your way.

Whether it’s the heart-thumping rock, soulful jazz grooves, or energetic pop rhythms, our genre filter helps you find bands that align with your musical preferences. Discover acts that not only play music but also bring your event's theme to life.

Local and traveling bands just a click away!

From California’s cool to New York’s buzz, our state-specific skips the intermediaries and connects you directly with the finest local and traveling bands. It's about seamless bookings for show-stopping performances, coast to coast.