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Connect directly with America's most dynamic cover bands. Whether it's a luxury wedding, a high-energy corporate event, or a lively party, Band Scanner is your direct and transparent route to effortlessly hiring the perfect cover band for you.

Bye bye, middle man.
Hello, cover bands!

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Ready to save money when you hire an cover band direct with Band Scanner?

Experience the cost-saving advantage of hiring a cover band directly through Band Scanner. Bid farewell to agency fees and embrace budget-friendly cover band hire for your wedding, party or corporate event. Let's make your celebration sing without the financial sting.

Say "I do" to directly booking your dream wedding cover band

Your wedding deserves a soundtrack as unique as your love story. With our diverse selection of cover bands, every aspect of your big day, from the walk down the aisle to the last dance, can be accompanied by the songs that mean the most to you. Our bands specialize in various genres, ensuring your wedding is filled with the music that reflects your personal taste and style. Let Band Scanner help you create a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable music.

Cover bands that get the party started!

Elevate your parties with the vibrant energy of our cover bands. Whether it's a milestone birthday, an anniversary, or just a gathering of friends and family, our bands bring the fun and excitement to keep your guests entertained all night long. From classic hits to current chart-toppers, our bands play it all, ensuring a lively and memorable party atmosphere.

Cover bands for corporate success

Make your corporate events stand out with a cover band that aligns with your company's image. Our bands are versatile and professional, capable of setting the right tone for your event, whether it’s a formal gala or a casual team-building retreat. From smooth jazz to energetic pop, our cover bands can enhance any corporate event, making it an engaging and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Cover band hire for every taste

  • Country cover bands

    Ideal for rustic or outdoor weddings and casual corporate events. Cover bands in this genre bring a heartwarming, authentic country feel, performing popular hits and timeless classics.
  • Folk & Acoustic cover bands

    Perfect for intimate settings or smaller gatherings, these bands create a personal, soulful atmosphere with acoustic melodies and harmonious vocals.
  • Funk cover bands

    Best for lively, high-energy events. Funk cover bands ensure your guests are dancing all night to groovy basslines and rhythmic beats.
  • Indie cover bands

    Great for modern, trendy events. Indie cover bands offer a unique and relatable sound, covering popular indie hits that resonate with a contemporary crowd.
  • Jazz cover bands

    Ideal for adding a touch of class and sophistication. Jazz bands range from laid-back background music to show-stopping main performances, suitable for any upscale event.
  • Pop cover bands

    For events where you want universal appeal and energy. Pop cover bands perform well-known hits, ensuring guests of all ages are entertained and engaged.
  • Rock cover bands

    Bring excitement and a bit of edge to your event. Cover bands in this genre energize the crowd with rock classics and contemporary hits, perfect for making a bold statement.
  • Ska & Reggae cover bands

    Create a laid-back, joyful atmosphere, especially suited for summer events or beach parties with upbeat and relaxing tunes.
  • Soul & Motown cover bands

    Add a vintage touch with soulful performances. These bands are perfect for creating a nostalgic and classy feel, ideal for weddings and refined events.
  • Swing & Ratpack cover bands

    Bring the glamour of a bygone era with a repertoire that includes timeless swing and jazz classics, perfect for a sophisticated and memorable event.

Transparent booking. Your cover band. Your terms.

Experience a hassle-free booking process with Band Scanner. Choose your cover band and manage the details with transparency and ease, ensuring a perfect match for your event.

Your dream cover band matchmaker

Are you ready to elevate your event with a diverse range of music styles? Turn to Band Scanner for a straightforward way to connect with top cover bands. Browse, book, and enjoy a lineup of unforgettable music tailored to your event. Band Scanner is here to ensure your celebration becomes a hit with the perfect cover band – all just a click away!
Your direct line to America's best cover bands

From Los Angeles to New York, connect with the USA's top cover bands direct

From the vibrant honky-tonks of Nashville to the iconic sunset gigs in Los Angeles, our platform brings the magic of cover music directly to your event. Experience the thrill of well-loved classics and modern hits, all performed by top-tier musicians, without the hassle of agency fees. Let Band Scanner be your direct link to the best cover bands across the USA

Cover bands wanted!

Step into the limelight with Band Scanner, your direct line to brides and grooms, event planners and party throwers. Our platform is a game-changer for Cover bands, offering a straightforward way to connect with clients who are eager for unforgettable entertainment.

At Band Scanner, it's all about your music and your performance, with no middle man in sight. We provide the stage, you bring the energy.