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Your direct line to top tribute bands for hire

Band Scanner connects you directly with America's finest tribute bands for weddings, parties, and events. Avoid the hassle of intermediaries and enjoy a straightforward, transparent process to book the best tribute acts for your celebration.

Bye bye, middle man.
Hello, tribute bands and acts!

Book The FABBA Show for less with Band Scanner
FROM $13,000

Ready to save money while enhancing your event's entertainment with America's best tribute bands?

Ditch the extra fees and connect directly with top tribute bands for your events. Band Scanner is your cost-effective gateway to the greatest hits of all time, ensuring a nostalgic experience without the hefty price tag.

Iconic bands. Unforgettable memories.

Band Scanner gives you the freedom to choose the tribute act that perfectly aligns with your event's atmosphere. Whether you're a fan of ABBA's disco anthems, The Beatles' timeless classics, or Elvis Presley's rock 'n' roll, our platform offers an extensive selection to suit your taste.
  • ABBA Tribute
    Get ready for "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia" to light up your dance floor. Ideal for parties that need a pop of 70s glam.
  • The Beatles Tribute
    Bring the timeless charm of "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday" to your event, perfect for any Beatles enthusiast.
  • The Rolling Stones Tribute
    "Paint It Black" and "Start Me Up" will energize any gathering with classic rock vibes.
  • Queen Tribute
    With hits like "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Another One Bites the Dust," your guests are in for a spectacular rock experience.
  • Elvis Presley Tribute
    "Suspicious Minds" and "Love Me Tender" will add a touch of rock 'n' roll royalty to your celebration.
Transform any gathering, from sophisticated cocktail parties and milestone birthdays to corporate events, with a tribute band that brings legendary music to life. Tribute bands and soundalike acts provide a mix of authenticity and excitement, ensuring your celebration is well and truly added to the memory book of you and your guests.

The heartbeat of your wedding with top tribute bands

Envision your wedding with the backdrop of a live tribute band. Imagine walking down the aisle to The Beatles or having your first dance to an Elvis classic. Our tribute bands set the tone for each part of your wedding:
  • Ceremony
    Let the iconic tunes of a tribute band add elegance and emotion to your ceremony.
  • Cocktail Hour
    Create a vibrant yet sophisticated mood with classic hits during cocktails.
  • Wedding Breakfast
    Enhance the dining experience with the smooth, nostalgic sounds of your chosen tribute band.
  • Reception Entertainment
    Get everyone on the dance floor with upbeat and lively performances from your favorite music era.

Book your tribute band or soundalike act directly today!

With Band Scanner, booking is straightforward and transparent. Take control of your event's music, from selecting your tribute band to customizing the playlist, all with no hidden fees or surprises.

By booking through Band Scanner, you could save up to 30% by avoiding agency markups. This saving means more budget can be allocated to enhancing other aspects of your event. Plus, our direct and transparent booking process ensures your event entertainment aligns perfectly with your vision, without any hidden surprises.

Ready to bring the magic of classic hits to your event with a tribute band? Band Scanner makes it easy. Browse, select, and book - a night of musical nostalgia is just a few clicks away.
Your direct line to top tribute bands for hire

From New York to California, connect with the USA's top tribute acts

From the vibrant scenes of New York to the lively streets of Los Angeles, Band Scanner is your backstage pass to America's premier tribute bands. Say goodbye to typical cover bands and welcome the excitement of iconic music legends brought to life. Experience the classics like never before with our top-notch tribute acts.
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Step into the limelight with Band Scanner, your direct line to brides and grooms, event planners and party throwers. Our platform is a game-changer for Tribute bands, offering a straightforward way to connect with clients who are eager for unforgettable entertainment.

At Band Scanner, it's all about your music and your performance, with no middle man in sight. We provide the stage, you bring the energy.