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Book your band direct and wave goodbye to the middleman

Find the perfect band for your celebration with Band Scanner. From weddings to parties, corporate functions to events of any kind, book direct and pay less to hire America's best live bands and acts.
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Bye bye, middle man.
Hello, live bands!

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Hire America's top bands without the agency fees

Our direct-booking ethos is simple: straightforward pricing, and a direct line to the best live bands in America. It's your event, and you deserve to be in the director’s chair. With Band Scanner, you’re not just hiring a band; you’re crafting event entertainment that is tailored to you.

Your backstage pass to live band hire

Each event is a story, and live music is the voice that tells it. Band Scanner’s handpicked selection of bands are the narrators of your event's story, with each chord and chorus tailored to your narrative. From the first note to the last, your event will be unforgettable with a soundtrack that’s been picked and played just for you.

Whether it's the romantic elegance of a wedding, the professional ambiance of a corporate event, or the high-energy excitement of a private party, our diverse range of bands covers every genre from the soulful rhythms of Jazz and Motown to the vibrant energy of Pop, Rock, and Indie.
  • Wedding bands

    Tailored to make your special day unforgettable, wedding bands specialize in a romantic and celebratory repertoire, perfect for every moment from the ceremony to the last dance.
  • Party bands

    Designed to get everyone on their feet, party bands are all about high energy, engaging performances, and a playlist that keeps the party going all night long.
  • Corporate event bands

    Our bands for corporate events blend professionalism with entertainment, suitable for everything from formal galas to relaxed team gatherings.
  • Cover bands

    Enjoy your favorite hits with our cover bands, known for their ability to recreate classic tunes and modern chart-toppers with flair and accuracy.
  • DJ bands

    The perfect fusion of a live band’s energy and a DJ’s versatility, these bands bring a dynamic and modern twist to any event.
  • Roaming & strolling bands

    These interactive bands and musicians bring the music to you, moving among guests and creating an interactive and immersive musical experience.
  • Themed and unique bands

    From retro-themed bands to unique musical acts, these groups bring a distinctive flair to events that call for something out of the ordinary.
  • Trending bands of 2023

    Stay ahead of the curve with the most popular and in-demand bands of the year, perfect for a contemporary and stylish event.

Your band. Your genre.

Find your perfect musical match with Band Scanner, from the upbeat twang of Country to the smooth grooves of Jazz, and from the high-energy pulse of Rock to the rhythmic sounds of Latin – our platform offers it all. Experience the power of direct booking and the freedom to select from the best band in each genre, ensuring your event resonates with your personal style and vision. Your event, your music, directly and effortlessly with Band Scanner.

Book a live band direct and tune into savings and quality

When you peel back the layers of third-party booking, what you’re left with is the pure connection between you and the band. This is the space where Band Scanner operates, where every booking is an opportunity to discover the unplugged potential of a live band's power to your vision.

Whatever your taste, theme, or tone, Band Scanner’s repertoire of talent spans the spectrum. From the heartwarming strains of a string quartet at a wedding to the electrifying energy of a rock band at a corporate launch, the bands you’ll find here are as diverse as the events they play at.

With us, you'll find no hidden fees, no commission-driven "recommendations", just transparent pricing and direct artist communication - the only surprise you'll encounter is how effortless it is to book the band of your dreams at the best possible price.

Step into the spotlight with Band Scanner. Here, booking a band is an experience that's as seamless and joyful as the music itself. Book now and orchestrate an event that hits every note perfectly.
Book your band direct and wave goodbye to the middleman

No static. Just transparent answers to popular band hire questions with Band Scanner.

Get straightforward, transparent answers to all your questions about booking the perfect live band with Band Scanner. Simple, clear, and direct – just the way it should be.
  • Q. What makes direct booking through Band Scanner different?
  • A. With Band Scanner, you bypass agency markups and hidden fees. You connect directly with bands, ensuring a more personalized and cost-effective booking experience.

    Find out more in Band Scanner's guide to booking bands direct.
  • Q. How does Band Scanner handle payments and contracts?
  • A. Transactions and agreements are handled directly between you and the band, with Band Scanner facilitating a secure and transparent process. This direct approach ensures clarity and trust in all dealings.

    Read Band Scanner's contracts and payments guide when booking a band direct.
  • Q. What is the process of booking a live band on Band Scanner?
  • A. Booking is straightforward: browse our selection, pick your favorite live band, and contact them directly through our platform. You discuss, negotiate, and confirm all details directly, ensuring a personalized booking experience.

    Read Band Scanner's step-by-step guide to our process of booking bands direct.
  • Q. Can I communicate directly with the band before booking?
  • A. Absolutely! Direct communication is a cornerstone of Band Scanner. You can discuss your event's specifics and preferences directly with the band for a perfectly tailored performance.
  • Q. How much can I save when booking a live band with Band Scanner?
  • A. By booking directly, you typically save 15%-30% compared to traditional agency bookings, allowing you to allocate more budget to other aspects of your event.

    Direct booking also allows for flexible pricing and negotiation, helping you find great entertainment within your budget.

    Read Band Scanner's price comparison when booking direct vs. booking with an agency.
  • Q. Are there any hidden fees when booking through Band Scanner?
  • A. No, Band Scanner prides itself on transparency. There are no hidden fees; what you see is what you get, ensuring a straightforward and honest booking process.

    Live band hire for less with Band Scanner!

    Say hello to transparent and direct access to the perfect live band for your occasion, from lively parties and sophisticated corporate functions to elegant weddings and vibrant celebrations with Band Scanner. A single click connects you to the USA's best bands, from New York to California, without the burden of middleman fees.