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Direct Booking vs. Band Agency Fees: The Band Scanner Advantage

Hidden within the fine print, agency fees crescendo, adding a significant percentage to your bill. But the impact goes beyond your budget. These agencies may orchestrate your choices, conducting you away from the band that genuinely strikes a chord with your vision and toward the bands that play to their financial tune.

Tune Into the True Cost of Live Music with Band Scanner

At Band Scanner, we conduct business differently. Our platform skips the commission crescendo, offering a direct booking experience that ensures you’re not overpaying. With us, you have the freedom to choose the best band for your event, not the one with the highest agency fee.
Traditionally, agencies serve as the go-between for clients and bands, which might seem convenient at first glance. However, this comes at a harmonious high note with agencies typically adding 15% - 30% commission on top of the band’s fee. This not only inflates the cost but can also obscure the booking process.

Agencies may push bands that yield higher commissions, not necessarily the ones that are the best fit for your event. This commission-driven recommendation system can leave clients second-guessing if they’ve truly found the perfect soundtrack for their special occasion.

The alias game played by agencies further muddies the waters of band booking. Hiding bands behind fabricated names, agencies try to block you from discovering and booking the bands directly. However, this tactic can have a ripple effect:

Top-tier bands often reserve their A-list performers for direct bookings, where their reputation is intimately tied to the gig. In contrast, agencies may fill their lineups with lesser-known "dep" musicians - a classic bait and switch that can leave you with a performance that doesn't live up to the original act you expected.

Why let agency fees dictate the rhythm of your event? With Band Scanner, the band you book is the band you get and the price quoted is the price you pay.
  • Direct Savings

    Keep your budget in tune by avoiding unnecessary agency fees. Save up to 30% when booking your band direct.
  • Pure Matchmaking

    Choose bands based on your preferences, not on commission-driven agendas.
  • Tailor-Made Performances

    Connecting directly with the band allows you to create your own bespoke musical journey for your event.
  • No Stand-ins or Session Musicians

    Don't just say bye to the middleman. With booking direct, the band you book is the band that show up. No substitute or session musicians – just the authentic artists.

Tune into Savings by Booking Direct with Band Scanner

Don't let commission charts mute the melody of your event. Use Band Scanner and orchestrate a performance where every dollar spent amplifies the experience, not the expense. Let’s face the music together: transparent, direct, and fairly priced.

Turn up the volume on value with Band Scanner by choosing the smarter way to book live music. Choose Band Scanner.
Direct Booking vs. Band Agency Fees: The Band Scanner Advantage