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DJ and Sax hire in Nashville, TN

Transform your wedding, party or corporate function into an electrifying celebration that mirrors the iconic Ibiza party scene with Band Scanner's DJ and Sax duo. Book direct and pay less to hire Nashville's top DJ and sax combo.
DJ and sax player hire in Nashville, TN

DJ and Sax



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Nashville, TN


DJ and Sax

Bringing their unique fusion of pulsating beats and mesmerising saxophone tunes to your wedding. From Ibiza anthems to timeless classics, they've got it all!

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Bye bye, middle man.
Hello, DJ and Sax!

Book a DJ and saxophonist duo in Nashville for less with Band Scanner!

Band Scanner eliminates the middleman, allowing you to converse directly about your wedding or party in Nashville with DJ and Sax, without the hidden fees or commission-driven agendas of a booking agent.

Unleash the ultimate wedding party vibe with Band Scanner's DJ and saxophone player combo in Nashville.

Capture the essence of the Ibiza club scene at your wedding with our renowned DJ and saxophonist duo. This electrifying pair is not just about playing music; they're a show-stopping performance tailored for the ultimate wedding experience.

Your dance floor, transformed.

Picture this: a dance floor bursting with energy, your loved ones completely immersed in the rhythm, while our saxophonist weaves through the crowd, delivering electrifying solos, complemented perfectly by our DJ's mastery in crafting the right tune for every moment.

A bespoke musical journey.

With an extensive repertoire that spans from the latest chartbusters to the timeless classics, we curate a musical journey personalized to your taste. Our versatility ensures that your wedding soundtrack resonates with every guest, from the youngest to the young at heart.

The all-inclusive DJ and Sax entertainment package.

Starting at $2,495, we deliver the complete DJ and Sax package, with no hidden costs. Our professional setup is efficient and stress-free, ensuring the music flows as smoothly as your evening.

Bespoke DJ entertainment packages.

Want to amplify the experience? Add a violinist for a touch of romance, a live singer for the soulful anthems, or a percussionist for that extra beat. With DJ and Sax, customize your entertainment to match the dream vision of your wedding.

Your day. Your dream. Say yes to DJ and Sax with Band Scanner

Choosing DJ and Sax through Band Scanner means direct access to this sensational duo without the worry of agency fees.

Ready for a party in Nashville that echoes the vibrancy of Ibiza's nightlife? Let this DJ and Sax combo turn your celebration into the ultimate dance floor.

Book DJ and Sax Direct

With Band Scanner, there's no static, no surprises, just a transparent connection to the wedding band in Nashville you love.

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DJ and Sax



Your DJ and Sax combo in Nashville is just a direct booking away!

Whether you're tying the knot in a luxury hotel or an outdoor wedding venue, historic inn or a modern space, DJ and Sax is just a click away.
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Hillsboro Village
Sylvan Park
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